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Between April and June 2003 I had a Trylon 56' T300 tower installed with a Cushcraft X7 tri-band antenna. Work was done primarily by Don VE3EVZ and the able assistance of Vic VE3FOX, Jim VE3JCD and Don. Of course, Don VE3XD also assisted in the process.

Click to enlargeIt took two days to dig the hole in heavy clay. The length of time was mainly due to rain delays which turned the clay into a slippery mess that was impossible to work in.

Click to enlargeA dry hole at last. After digging we had several heavy rain falls and it was necessary to cover the hole with plastic to keep the rain out. This was only mildly successful as wind kept blowing the cover off.

Click to enlargeThe bottom section of the tower is on the legs buried in concrete. The concrete is several inches below the ground level and will be enclosed in a frame and covered with landscape stones. The concrete needed a week to cure before erecting the rest of the tower.

Click to enlargeWhile I'm waiting for the new tower and antenna the old Cushcraft R5 vertical was mounted on a broomstick in the backyard  courtesy of Robert VA3RKJ. Actually used this antenna for a 15m SB and 20m SB effort in the CQ WPX CW contest.

Click to enlargeFinally tower building day arrives. Don VE3EVZ and assistant Don work their way up the tower while Don VE3XD and Vic VE3FOX shout encouragement from the ground. We also provided drinks and tied the rope to each section to be hauled up the tower. Tough work but somebody has to do it.

Click to enlargeWe are getting there if only the rain will hold off. This spring all I needed to do to get rain was to schedule a tower session. Sorry about the dark images but those were really threatening clouds. Only one more section to go.

Click to enlargeNow up goes the mast. A very heavy 12' former steam pipe or so I'm told. Extra loops on the rope made sure it didn't come loose on the way up. No safety helmet would help with that baby.

Click to enlargeHey Don's. Are you ready for the beam? Sure looks big down here but 56' up it will shrink in size. Boom length of 18 feet and longest element of 37 feet and 60 pounds total weight.

Click to enlargeWait a minute. This isn't a moon bounce antenna. And the director is point to the ground toward China. Always wanted to work BY but not that way.

Click to enlargeThat's more like it. See how much smaller it looks up  in the air. At least that's what I told anyone who was concerned about the size. The tower previously had a TH-11 on it by the former owner so the X7 does look smaller.

Eventually the sun shines again. Isn't that a work of art? Does DX pretty well too.


2003 by Don Cassel