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One of the aspects of Amateur Radio that is great fun is Radiosport better known as contesting. If you're new to Amateur Radio then let me explain that in contesting you generally try to contact as many other hams as possible in a given time period. Each contest has its own set of rules which you need to know to be successful in operating the contest. Some are phone (voice) only while others are CW (Morse code) and some allow both. I also enjoy the few RTTY contests that occur during the year.

Some of the contests that I've operated recently (see the links on the left of this page) are listed with my score and a brief description of the contest. Keep in mind that while the number of contacts made in a weekend of contesting may seem like a lot the top contesters make many times more contacts than I do, but I'm sure that I have just as much fun in the process. 

On 21 December 2002 I began contesting with my new callsign VE3XD. Contests using this call are indicated in the left column of the tables.


Contests shown with the light green bar were operated from my new Kitchener QTH with attic antennas and limited power.

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Contests shown with the yellow background were operated from my mobile rig in Florida or elsewhere.


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