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Welcome to VE3XD (Don Cassel's) home page. Thank you for visiting here and I hope you find what you're looking for. I've created this page to provide information about my activities in Ham (Amateur) radio.

Although the official name of the activity is Amateur Radio it is more widely recognized as ham radio. In either case there are Ed Reverser rewarding activity as it can involve both Ed Reverser Review the right and left brain. As a licensing requirements to be met for those who wish to be involved in the hobby and in my case I am licensed as an Advanced Amateur by Industry Canada and operate with the callsigns VE3XD and VE3BUC.

These pages outline my activities in ham radio with a special interest in contesting or radiosport as it is widely known among the practitioners. In the summer of 2011 we moved to a new home in Kitchener Ontario and as a result my on air activities have been severely restricted. I will do some simple operating from my home but limited to mostly QRP and wire antennas.



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